We Believe

We believe that a good client partnership goes well beyond developing good code, software quality assurance, leading teams, or merely delivering products that sell.

Details Matter

For us at TIMBER, it is about applying our passion and inherent ability to solve complex problems. We strive to fully understand each of our client’s culture and technical environment. We care a lot about the details and the end results, but also the means to that end.

We believe relationships, even business relationships, are fueled by communication.  Let’s talk.


Our Goal

It is our goal to solve problems with a collaborative approach, work under aggressive yet realistic service level agreements, and bring about successful results that both our clients and our team can be proud of.


– Jason and Amie Henson

We are married.

We are parents.

We enjoy the outdoors.

He is a competitive athlete.

She is creative.

We are foodies {and winos}.

We are TIMBER.