We Listen.


We asked for feedback from our extended network regarding what would make for a better recruiting/business consulting firm and their insights proved helpful in establishing our best practices.

Health Care

We have been in the industry long enough to have our own coverage shift multiple times and have the subsidized amounts dwindle.

We had a team do research on the best plans available and have come to the conclusion that it is good for our employees to have options for coverage when it comes to their health.  With that said, we selected a provider that has several plans available under their umbrella.  Their service is unmatched, their rates are fantastic, and their coverage is broad.  On top of that, we highly subsidize the insurance offerings to promote a healthier you.

Up Front Negotiations

We believe you should be clear on your terms from the get go. We are dedicated to keeping you informed and helping you understand the client environment for the opportunity you are considering. We will also equip you with the tools you need, refine your resume and prepare you for interviews so that you can represent yourself and your skills in the best light.  Once you land the job, we are also committed to supporting you throughout your assignment and into your next venture.

We've Got Schwag

We are changing the way promotional items are distributed.  Instead of giving every employee the same old stuff, we are requesting  that our employees choose from several options during the onboarding process to ensure they get things they would enjoy and use.

In an attempt to keep the excess water bottles out of the landfill we put the power of choice in our consultants hands in an effort to stay green.

Love of Technology

We love Information Technology and are constantly learning and evolving as the market fluctuates and dictates change. We are able to go broad and deep because we have been successful business partners with various size companies – ranging from “mom and pop” shops to the largest enterprises in the world.

Relational, Authentic

In this day and age, the business “friendship” is all but lost and has become purely transactional. TIMBER is the paradigm shift.

We honor relationships, and we want good things for our clients and each other. We at TIMBER are real, authentic people that want to connect with you and share interests and life outside of work. If you choose to join our team, you will immediately be part of our family and receive the service level you deserve.

Frequency of Communication

We know people can be wooed away from their current positions, but also that a call every time an opportunity arises can be disenchanting.  We want to speak with you, understand who you are, what you are passionate about, and where you see your skills aligning. We also want to attain this information on your terms.

Are you looking for opportunities? Great! Contact us.  If you are not currently entertaining job opportunities, just let us know and we will update your contact preferences.  Then, simply give us a shout when you interested in hearing from us, and we will do our best to put you on an engagement you will love.

In this competitive market, TIMBER is your differentiator.

Why was TIMBER started?


You don’t often hear that a company is generous as part of their elevator pitch- especially in the consulting agency world.  However, generosity is TIMBER’s foundational value and the key by which we are steadily disrupting the staffing industry.

How is TIMBER engaged in the community?

We encourage our employees and contractors to pursue community engagement.  A few examples of what that looks like to us: raising funds for causes that encite passion, building community and attending Meetups, and participating in local functions that positively affect our city and our environment. Check out some of the causes that we love to LOVE.

NewTech Seattle

Blood Water Mission

Earth Day Seattle

SummeRun for Ovarian Cancer

Komen Race for the Cure


Does TIMBER have an mentorship program?

We are working on ways to make this a pivotal benefit of partnering with TIMBER.  Look for updates on this soon as we are paving ways to share success stories and transfer skills amongst colleagues.  Sign up below to be included in and updated on networking events.

Frequently Asked Questions


TIMBER IT Consulting is aiming to answer questions that aren’t just FAQ’s, but give you a pulse on why and how we aim to be different.  We are passionate about enabling our team to lead fulfilling lives that both foster career growth and inspire life outside of work – creating the ever desireble work life balance.

Amie + Jason Henson, Co Founders

Amie + Jason Henson, Co Founders

Also pictured: Eli, Ava, and Indy the Aussie

We would love to connect with you.  Send us a message or even better your resume.  We look forward to hearing from you.