Attrition Is Unavoidable. 

One universal problem in the IT space is that our clients inevitably face talent attrition.  Your top Software Engineer leaves mid-stream.  Your top QA Engineer leaves prior to launch. Let’s face it, with the competitive landscape in IT, there is an extremely high risk of your tribal knowledge walking out the door at any second, which will inevitably put your project/product at risk.

Let TIMBER bridge the talent gap and keep your project on a path to success.

Attrition Is Unavoidable.
Recruiting Engine Lacks Horsepower

Recruiting Engines Often Lack Horsepower

Perhaps you don’t have an in-house recruiting team with the bandwidth to scale your business needs. Leverage TIMBER in a fully outsourced recruiting model or in a customized partnership with your in-house recruiting team.  We offer a sense of urgency to fill requirements immediately and have the team and track record to make that happen.

There Is A Better Option

Is there a communication breakdown between your current partner and your full-time employees, or is your current partner too busy driving their own agenda instead of listening to your needs? Allow TIMBER to make sense of the madness.  You can trust us to do what’s right by your team and your end users.

Are You Unhappy With The Current Partner/Integrator
Not Enough Progress

You Are Not Getting The Progress You Need

Does your current team of 3 need to be a team of 10, or your Organization of 100 need to be 200 plus?  Whether you are starting your own software company or trying to take your $2B business to $5B, we can help.  Lean on TIMBER to provide the subject matter expertise in a managed service capacity or for staff augmentation.

Employees Are Often Wearing Too Many Hats

Are your organizational leaders having to wear a recruiting hat which prevents them from focusing on what your business really needs?  Let your IT Managers get back to leading their respective teams and driving projects forward.

Leave the recruiting to TIMBER.

Is Your Team Wearing Too Many Hats

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